Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Logos Lectionaries

Logos has made their lectionary resources available for individual download. (They were formerly only available with the Logos 4 base packages.)

Catholic Lectionary
Revised Common Lectionary
Christian Worship Three Year Lectionary (WELS)
Christian Worship One Year Lectionary (WELS)
United Methodist Revised Common Lectionary
Lutheran Service Book Three Year Lectionary (LCMS)
Lutheran Service Book One Year (Historic) Lectionary (LCMS)

In addition, two new lectionaries have been added:
Book of Common Prayer (1979) Sunday Lectionary
Book of Common Prayer (1979) Daily Office Lectionary
These new lectionaries are (at least for now) free.

A couple other notes:
  • An "Index of Readings" has been added to each lectionary that gives the entire lectionary cycle organized more like a "real" lectionary rather than being based on the secular calendar like the main part of the Logos lectionary.
  • The Catholic Lectionary is a bit more complete, now containing all the solemnities and major feasts found in Volume 1 of the Lectionary for Mass. This means that these feasts will show up correctly when they override on a Sunday in Ordinary Time.

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