Monday, November 16, 2009

Logos 4

The big news at work is, of course, the launch of Logos Bible Software 4.

I hope to revisit the tips post I had earlier, but here are a few great improvements that I've already found helpful:

1. Early Church Fathers is now automatically recognized as a series by Logos 4.

Firstly, this works like a Libronix serial resource association. If you're in Augustine's Confesions and want to jump to Book 10 of City of God, you can type "City of God 10" in the active reference box and it will navigate to the correct volume.

Secondly, this means that you can easily prioritize the whole set if you want it to show up among the top hits in the passage guide or as possible targets when you're linking. Open "Library", click "Prioritize", type in "nicene" to get to any of the ECF volumes, and click and drag it to the right pane.

Thirdly, this means you can easily limit a search to anything in the ECF series by including "series:Early Church Fathers".

2. You can now search the description information in Library.

This gets rid of most of the guesswork that was formerly involved in figuring out the contents of each volume. Can't remember which volumes have works by St. Jerome? Open up Library and type in "jerome" and NPNF2, III and VI will show up.

3. Automatic updates.

You can only benefit from improvements to the ECF resources if you're getting the updates and Logos 4 makes this automatic. Look for more updates in the future.

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