Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logos Early Church Fathers Tips

A couple of helps for finding your way around the Logos Early Church Fathers sets that turned up recently:
  1. Via the Logos forums, Logos user George Somsel has made available a notes file containing an index to the Early Church Fathers volumes. Here.
  2. Via the Logos blog, Morris Proctor recommends using the Locator Pane to figure out where you are in these massive books. Here.
  3. Some other recommendatations: create collections, for instance, one for all the Augustine and one for all the Chrysostom volumes. These are handy for searches and can be automatically search for references whenever you run a Passage Guide.
    Also, look for the Augustine and Chrysostom commentaries to show up in passage guides. You might have to hit "More" once or twice to see them if you have a lot of commentaries, but if you click them a few times, they'll get promoted higher in the list. (You'll need the recent updates for this that have been indexed by Bible reference.)

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