Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Links to Migne in Google Books

Google Books has large portions of the Migne's Patrologia available, but proper metadata revealing the volume number, much less the contents of the volume, isn't readily available, making it difficult to find what you want without clicking on a bunch of identical links to "Patrologiæ cursus completus [Series Græca]". Finding myself frustrated with this, I finally started to compile a list of the volumes I was using with links. Then I got to thinking, surely someone has already done this and made it freely available on the Internet. And, some quick work with Google revealed that ... of course someone has:

Mischa Hooker from the Classical Studies Department at Loyola University Chicago has put up a few indices of Greek and Latin literature. The Biblical, Jewish and Early Christian Index has a wealth of stuff, including the PG and PL.

UPDATE: Updated links can be found at

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Mischa said...

Just a note: More current versions of the PG and PL / Google books indices are now in progress (PG complete) at