Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feast of St. Stephen

One of the side-benefits to learning is getting the jokes.

Στέφανος means "crown". The "martyr's crown" is a common image, so I had never paid much attention to its use in the liturgy for St. Stephen. This year, however, my still rather limited Greek vocabulary couldn't help but delight in noticing the plays on the word throughout.

Of course, the reading from Fulgentius of Ruspe in the Office of Readings lays it out for us:

Stephanus ergo, ut nominis sui coronam meruisset accipere, caritatem pro armis habebat et per ipsam ubique vincebat.
Therefore Stephen, that he might merit to recieve the crown of his name, had charity for arms, and through it, he conquered all.

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